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Whether as a small gift, money to support your loved ones or as a surprise - with Western Union you can transfer money abroad reliably and easily. Send joy to almost anywhere in the world with just a few clicks.

Even in 2023, there will still be thousands of people in this country who do not have their own checking account. Transferring money anonymously without a checking account is also possible, for example when paying off debts or giving money away or as anonymous transfer . There are a few ways you can transfer money anonymously or make money transfers without an account. Western Union is one of them. We explain here how transferring cash without an account is possible and implemented in practice!

1. Transfer money without an account with Western Union

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Many people can no longer do without a checking account these days, as many landlords, employees and more require exactly this in order to enter into a contract. Salary or rent payments using cash have become rather rare in Germany these days. Which employer still pays wages in cash? Nevertheless, there are still people who do not have a checking account and want to transfer money anonymously. Transferring without an account is possible without any problems - but you should be willing to accept a fee. In this case it is recommended Western Union .

Western Union, founded in 1851 in Englewood, Colorado, is an American financial services company that makes its money with worldwide cash transfers earned. The service provider offers the opportunity to send money to anywhere in the world within seconds and not only has its own branches, but also partners all over the world (such as Postbank, Deutsche Post, etc.). You can choose whether the recipient receives the money in cash or deposited into their account.


Western Union offers a useful, but not comprehensive, cost calculator

As already mentioned, you will be charged for using this service certain fees to that after the Amount of the amount to be transferred judge. These currently look like this in the case of a cash transfer:

from until fees
0.01 EUR 50.00 EUR 4.90 EUR
50.01 EUR 100.00 EUR 9.80 EUR
100.01 EUR 200.00 EUR 14.70 EUR
200.01 EUR 400.00 EUR 20.00 EUR
400.01 EUR 4000.00 EUR 5% of the transfer amount
4000.01 EUR 200.00 EUR

However, the prices and fees mentioned here are only guidelines. Prices also vary depending on the destination country and type of Western Union deposit. It is also important to decide whether the recipient should receive the money in cash or have it paid out to an account. When paying in cash, the recipient can collect the money anywhere in the world within minutes. When transferring to a bank account, it takes one to two working days.

Western Union also makes money from converting currencies, which means that different prices apply for international transfers depending on the destination country. Lower fees (from just 2.90 euros) apply if the money via bank transfer, instant transfer or Credit card into a checking account in the EU is transferred. Anyone who transfers to other countries using the payment methods mentioned will also have to pay higher fees.

Send cash without an account and transfer money anonymously

Customers can also send cash directly to a Western Union location.

Transferring “real” money without an account would then be natural only with credit card possible. If you make a payment via bank transfer or instant transfer, you need a checking account. Anyone who has a credit card usually also has a checking account, although there are of course also credit cards without an account. The alternative is to Send cash directly . However, this cannot be done online; it can only be done on site at one of the 500,000 Western Union locations.

During the process itself, the following must be taken into account:

  • fill out the form
  • Identification and handover of the amount of money
  • Receive receipt and name recipient

The form must then contain the following information in particular:

  • Full first and last name of the client and recipient
  • Place to which the transfer is to be made
  • Amount to be transferred

Western Union is an attractive alternative for everyone who does not have a checking account and wants to use transfers without an account. It is possible to send and receive cash and make payments worldwide in just a few seconds. However, the fees must be taken into account, which can be very expensive, especially when paying abroad. If you want to transfer money anonymously online without an account, you must first register with Western Union. However, a credit card is the minimum that is needed. Sending cash online is not possible.