Download service for our premium service!

Here you can download the media player software for our premium products!

Our own reprogrammed media player (IPTV Smarter Pro)

You will be amazed (All Android versions except 13)

Please ask for the download link!

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All other media players for our premium products!

SL-IPTV (VPN Version)(3.0).apk (82 MB)

Windows Player - IPTV Smart Player

SLTV Player 5.1.701 Final APK

Enigma2 XC Plugin 2.7

How to install E2 Plugin?

DCC Enigma2

Windows IPTV Player 3.0 exe

SETIPTV URL Upload Link (Samsung-LG)

SMART IPTV Upload Link (Samsung-LG)

IPTV Extreme Add Url

Smart IPTV (USB) LG & Samsung

SL IPTV 3.0.8 (Android) Application (Old)

Enigma 2 Xtremsty Plugin

Enigma2 4K Stalker Plugin