Full OpenATV 7.0 firmware with iCam v8 for Vu+ Zero (MIPS)

1. introduction

We have prepared a ready-made OpenATV 7.0 firmware for you, on which Oscam iCam v8 installed and configured for Vu+ Zero (MIPS CPU).

Attention! After installing the firmware, all data on your receiver will be deleted! Including your scanned channels etc. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you create a full backup of your receiver before installing!

After installing the firmware, you need to make some settings - if necessary, change the configuration of your tuner, as well as specify your data for connecting to the CS server.

If you don't have a Vu+ Zero receiver, please read another article!

2. Firmware installation for Vu+ Zero (MIPS CPU)

  1. Format your USB stick with a FAT32 file system
  2. Load the USB image down HERE
  3. Extract the USB image (it's a .zip archive) on your PC to the root directory of your USB stick using your favorite unzip tool. The result is that you will get a directory vuplus and in this directory you will find a directory null where you will find the necessary files.
  4. Disconnect any USB flash drives connected to your receiver.
  5. Insert the prepared USB stick into the back of your VU+ Zero receiver
  6. Switch off your VU+ Zero (power-off, not stand-by!). Or select restart in your receiver: Menu -> Standby / Restart -> Restart and go directly to step 8
  7. Turn on your VU+ Zero
  8. The white LED will flash quickly two or three times and then slowly begin to fade in and out.
  9. Flashing occurs when the LED light on the front flashes quickly.
  10. Turn the device off and on again to restart.
  11. Please note: If the Vu is stuck on Vu flash logo after reboot, turn it off with the power button, wait 20 seconds and then turn it back on and OpenATV will boot properly
  12. Go to step 3

3. Setting up the receiver after flashing

3.1 Tuner configuration

If after flashing and turning on the receiver the channel “ cable one “ didn’t work for you, you need to change the tuner settings. To do this, go to the area MENU -> Setup -> Reception -> Tuner configuration and configure your tuner.

3.2 Obtaining the recipient's IP address

By default, the recipient should automatically obtain a network address (DHCP). To find out, you need to go to the section Go to MENU -> Information -> Network

Connection status must Up/Active be , IP address needs to be defined (In my case it is

If for some reason your receiver did not automatically receive an address, you will need to set up the network manually. This can be done in section MENU -> Setup -> System -> Network -> Device settings -> Adapter settings

3.3 Set up Oscam

You need to add your access parameters to Oscam. To do this, open this Oscam web interface in a browser with the IP of your receiver. The Oscam web interface is on Port 8080 . In my case it is:

You have to go to the section Files -> oscam.server go to , enter your connection details from the billing and click the button Save click.

Don't forget to click on that Save button to click!

4. Restart the receiver

Please restart the receiver completely after setup. Do not switch the receiver off via the socket, but restart it via the menu MENU -> Standby / Restart -> Reboot

After restarting the receiver you can go to Sky Germany iCAM Bouquet go and enjoy the view.

5. Additional information

Installed firmware has a root password for remote access via SSH/Telnet :

 Login: root 
Password: icam2022

We recommend that you change the root password and restrict or disable remote access when you don't need it.